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Originally Posted by Ray Charles
We should get Sanjay or Tew, make up a bunch of stuff, and hype the crap outta him as a presidential contender for the green party, or an independent. You could get a lot of campaign stuff done with all of Gen[M]ay at your back.

edit: like he cured cancer
i think that's pushing it...EVERYBODY knows who Walken is, 8000 people know who Tew or Sanjay are
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Why not simply make the catch that your voting on a platform, hype it that way Im sure the news would eat that up if you could get it big enough, if the platform really did make sense, and just write in guidlines, what were for what were agenst, how we would go about accomplishing the goals. And then eventually get to the piont were were screening people for the job, set up a huge as fuckin questioner. (once the platform has people behind it) and find a person who actually agrees whole heartedly with what we say. If nothing else it would be fucking a funny to see how many people actually would go for it. though, if we do do anything like this i suspect more planning would be in order. And if it did get announced do it all at once, have [M]'ers all over the place use up there contacts at once.
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Originally Posted by Dauz
Still laughing about this, fucking awesome. What did it take, 2 days or so before this hit national level? A thought accurse to me and i9t may be a dumb one I did just get up. But why not do this for real, I mean we all know that Walken isnít going to go ahead and run for presidency, though that would be fucking awesome to see. But whatís stopping us from writing our own platform, and laying out our own campaign.
Get that out there, and then pick up some random person who agrees with it. I say take the government over Genmay, letís get someone elected. I know personally I'm tired of picking between the lesser of to evils. Iím sure the whole thing needs more thought, but we certainly have the resources. Here in Alaska, id just have to drop a line to a few of the local radio stations, talk to some old friends and poster up some shit and in just a few days it would be all over the state. I suspect that other people have connections equally as powerful. But, go ahead and flame me or add to this concept. I see either great in it, or perhaps some real world effectÖ
Fucking awesome again guys loll. Glad to be part of it.
GenMay all the Way!

i am 10 steps ahead of you but you arent going to get mr nobody noticed. Replace "christopher walken" with some name nobody has heard... nobody is gonna care.
you can still change politics with this technique, you just have to use a different method
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comedy fucking uranium
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Echinsu Ocha
I'm not in the cliffs, I wrote tthe first article to get this going.
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Originally Posted by Laqueefa
i am 10 steps ahead of you but you arent going to get mr nobody noticed. Replace "christopher walken" with some name nobody has heard... nobody is gonna care.
you can still change politics with this technique, you just have to use a different method

When are you going to let other people in?
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Originally Posted by MdBlades
Wow, Genmay is famous, and nobody died/was injured.

yea but other than that this thread was awesome
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this is going to be all over town tomorrow
Old 08-16-2005, 05:44 PM kristchan is offline  

I just want to say awesome job to the people who pulled this off. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
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Seminole Joe
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Originally Posted by Kristchan
you are one of my most favorite posters.
jesus christ are you seriously that dense? - JoePits

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Originally Posted by Seminole Joe
you are one of my most favorite posters.

That's because you don't have much of a basis for comparison
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I also don't have a lot of interest in being a good person or a bad person. From what I can tell, either way, you're screwed. Bad people are punished by society's laws, and good people are punished by Murphy's Law
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Originally Posted by DarK AngeL DreaD
If only the news media were aware of the citizen response that the sites received before being debunked....

People were behind Walken hardcore. What the website says is entirely true, that Americans are apathetic towards a system in which they have no real power. The overwhelming majority of responses on the website were ecstatic to have a non-politician running for office. Many responses were from people who had stopped voting, or never bothered to register, who were excited again about politics. We stirred a storm, guys. Well played.

This is why I think the :: may reach farther and last longer than we're all anticipating. The response to the notion of Walken running was STRONGLY POSITIVE, and over an unusually wide range of respondents, if the messageboards were any indication. Hopefully Walken will get curious and see that he might indeed stand a reasonable chance of at least making it to the presidential primaries in November.

People are indeed fed up with the "either scumbag A or scumbag B" choices they've been getting, and with Bush making himself so popular now and Hitlery Klinton looming in '08, a total non-career-politician, party-independant candidate could stand a better chance of winning in '08 than perhaps at any time in the history of the country.

At least with Walken you know what you're getting - with career politicritters the only guarantee is that they're blowing smoke up SOMEONE'S ass, although who the recipient is would be debatable. Plus, we all know Walken would dominate a political debate.

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Originally Posted by Devnull
That's because you don't have much of a basis for comparison
don't be jealous
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Echinsu Ocha
heh this other forum I post at got word of the news and are all excited that he is running.... s
Old 08-16-2005, 05:53 PM Echinsu Ocha is offline  


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