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Originally Posted by asa View Post
i seem to remember someone on here talking about how their mother or such drove her caddy in limp mode for several hundred miles, the problem was there was a serious issue with the cooling system and the engine wasn't being cooled at all
killed the engine

depending on what is going on in the engine, yeah limp mode can kill an engine
if it's not getting enough fuel, i can see it running too lean

I bet you it was a Northstar motor.

It was designed that in the event of a total coolant loss the engine can run on 4 cylinders(instead of 8) and act as an air cooled motor to get you off the road and to somewhere to refill your coolant.

If the dumb broad drove 200 miles like that it's her own damn fault then, temp gauge & warning light burning a hole in the cluster the whole way I bet.
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Pump is good for 10 years 120,000 miles or something along that lines.

I've replaced at least 100 of them this year. About 2 months ago they released the final version and we've been seeming to have luck with them.

make sure they do the recall programing for the pump too, but usually any car that gets a pump gets programmed as well.

n54 block is based off the old m54 so chances are you didn't do any damage.
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so my service adviser kicks ass. when he called me at 3, he told me that they wouldn't be able to get to my car until monday. but when i reminded him i'd be out of town, he had some stuff moved around and they should have it for me at noon.
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