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Junkie Mod
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looking for a pair of projectors

I'm going to be redoing the front end on my bike soon, and want to stack a pair of HID projectors on an otherwise naked bike. Picture lights similar to the Duke 690 or the 749/999.

However, I'm not sure what lights to go with. They need to have mounts on the side, and whatever it is I'd like to toss in a 35W HID with a cutoff for a low beam and then add another 55W HID without a cutoff for a high beam. I might end up deciding to go with both the same wattage if it's a PITA to do otherwise, but my point is... HIDs. My impression is that it's generally not too difficult to remove a cutoff from a projector, is this correct?

I also want the lights to work fairly well for night riding. But... budget is certainly an issue, I don't want to go spend $700 on a set of Hellas. My budget is... way below that, but not sure exactly what.

Suggestions for what lights to go with, and if they aren't HIDs from the factory what HIDs I should put in them?
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How about the trailtech system? is it too expensive? Is this on a KLR?

Trailtech X2 is 300 for HID's and looks sort of like the duke, and it has a universal mount.

Also sounds like you might consider off-road lights as they don't have that cut-off.

Kinda looks like the Half-life 2 Scanner though.

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Have you considered a single bi-xenon setup from something like an E60 M5? That's what I'm using on my project. A separate high-beam HID isn't a great way to go, since it takes time for the system to ignite and warm up.
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Do you think it would be feasible to get a hi/low setup (AKA chinese hi/low HID like the one ghetto has) with a hi as a halogen "flash to pass" and a dedicated high beam for when the switch is thrown?

So the flash to pass switch will be dedicated and separated from the high beam switch.
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Junkie Mod
shit the needle broke off in my ass cheek
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I want to use a pair of lights, for sure.

The plan was to run both for high beam, so it isn't like I wouldn't have any light when waiting for it to warm up.
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I would use a bi-xenon setup. I'm not sure for bikes but if you can make them fit then infiniti FX-35 projectors are the cheapest and smallest at 5.5 inches long. A bi-xenon would do what you want since the solenoid on the bottom flips down the cut off shield when you high beam therefore you get instant hi-beam for corners because there is nothing to heat up since its mechanical function. It has a great width; basically cover the width of a 4 lane free way and more.

Yay Area

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