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Make your own clutch disc link

Does anybody have the url of the page where a person made his own clutch disc for his Maxima (?) out of saw blade and brake pads?
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My '80 VW diesel buildup thread -
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Oh my...this may be good...
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no zoop for you
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looks like they chaged the forum setup though
new threads have different links...
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Damn, you're giving me blue balls zoop! Someone needs to find the correct link STAT, or I may never be able to sleep tonight...
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thread's fucked up though, no pics either
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So far, I found out that the guy is about 30 years old, an electrical engineer and owns both a bike and car in Costa Rica. I think it's a triumph.

his auction account:
By the looks of it, he's still working on that car, as the last purchase was a TIAL wastegate.

He's the second poster on this particular board but the links are down:

another forum, possibly posts by him:

answering a question on MAP sensors with his EE degree: (of course he chimes in that he loves DIY) <--user acct but I can't access as I do not want to sign up.

He posts on northwest nissans but no pictures:

He's also here:

this is most likely his account - no photos on his public albums, I don't think this has seen activity since 2002:

I'd really love to see this 'clutch', hopefully someone can perhaps email him through ebay?
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why the hell would somebody do that?
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