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PS3 or 360?

I have a Wii and it's fun and all but there are just some games I can't get for it

Anyways, I'm debating between a PS3 or 360 and so far I'm leaning further towards the PS3 mostly because they don't seem to die as much and the Blu-Ray player is a plus. I was thinking getting the 360 elite or the PS3 80GB. What do you all think?
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Get both. That's what I did.

BTW this thread will not end well.
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search for all of the hundreds of other threads relating to this topic.

fake edit: whatever the hell you want, apparently you want a ps3, go get it.
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Originally Posted by littleho View Post
search for all of the thousands of other threads relating to this topic.
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This will now be the standard algorithm for determining what system to buy. It shall be used from here on out.


question 1: are you going to buy your games or pirate them?
if 'buy' p=p++
else x=x++

question 2: are you going to use wireless internet access?
if 'yes' p=p++ (no need for extra adapter)
else x=x(either are good with wired connection)

question 3: are you going to play online?
if 'yes' p=p++ to PS3 (free online)
else x=x (xbox is ~$60/yr)

question 4: does blurray matter?
if 'yes' p=p++
else x=x++

question 5: which console exclusive do you prefer? (mgs v halo...)
if 'ps3' p=p++
else '360' x=x++

question 6: Does this scare you, enrage you or even causes the slightest suicidal tendency?
if 'yes' p=p+10
else x=x++

if p > x, buy a ps3
else , buy a 360


edit: FYI: i have both, and i have not touched 360 since june 12.

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Look at the available games. They both have a good number of exclusive titles and you need to decide which ones you want to play more.
At this point I feel that the games are the only way to judge a gaming console. The media is a toss up at this point; sure blu-ray is nice on the ps3, but the xbox media services are really good too.
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All it boils down to is games. Which system has the games you want to play? I own 2 360s (looking for a 3rd for the gf), and when I have the urge to play PS3 I go to my friends house for an hour or so.

edit. Also, the 360 is getting another price drop in the next few weeks.
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I like 360's online system better, it makes more sense and is easier to get into games with friends. Yes I own both systems and have used both.

The PS3 has blue ray + upconverting DVD, and I like the media functions better on PS3 (seems to load faster)
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Cloud 69
Originally Posted by arimanius View Post
Get both. That's what I did.

BTW this thread will not end well.
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MGS4 imo
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Originally Posted by arimanius View Post
Get both. That's what I did.

BTW this thread will not end well.
There are doorways I haven't opened, and windows I've yet to look through. Going forward may not be the answer ... maybe I should go back.
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blu-ray and the linux option made the ps3 a pretty easy choice for me.
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I own both, but haven't touched my 360 much at all in the past few months. The PS3 has more "must have" games on the horizon right now, and they don't charge you monthly to play online with your friends like MS does.
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xbox live > than what ever the ps3 offers
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I used to complain about these threads popping up so often. In reality, though, it's necessary to have them occasionally because the market changes so rapidly (what with new SKUs, price drops, AAA title releases).

First and foremost, keep in mind that the rumors for a 360 price drop are strong. The Pro bundle is likely to drop to $300 and get bumped to a 60gb hard drive. While the 80GB PS3 still runs $500, you get MGS:4 and the most capable blu-ray player on the market.

Regardless of how the hardware market changes, your decision should come down to how you feel about the console exclusives. Personally, I bought the PS3 because I didn't want to miss out on LittleBigPlanet, Home, and franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Final Fantasy. However, by the end of 2008, the 360 will be the sole proprietor of Tales of Vesperia, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, and the new Viva Pinata. So yeah, guess where my tax refund is going.

As much as I crave a 360, though, I despise the hardware. No wireless, a hard drive not big enough to take on digital distribution to its full capacity, and no support for the predominant movie format are all major flaws. Oh, and you have to pay for XBOX Live.

Short answer: get both.
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