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Originally Posted by Cannonbear
reason #13847 i didn't join the military, i'm a complete coward.

At least you are honest about your feelings on the subject. More than most in this forum I would think.
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Nobody, not even military people KNOW how they will react in a specific situation. I was in for 9+ years and don't know what I would have done in that situation, who knows.

If you look at most of the Medal of Honor winners, they more or less just flipped out. My fav was a guy on one of the island battles during WWII. They were trying to get up the mountain and were pinned down. He just flipped out and had people pass him grenades. He freaking ran up the mountain lobbing grenades and shooting the shit out of Japs. At one point he is straddle of a trench just blasting away. Killed tons of em and broke the battle. Was freaking awesome, but not something he probably planned.

Nobody knows exactly how you will react in an unknown situation. That is why they try to make military training as close to real as possible. So you won't react, you will do what you have done 100 times before in training. Though, you can't always train for everything....
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Originally Posted by flurby
Nobody, not even military people KNOW how they will react in a specific situation. ..

Actually some people know exactly how they will react. But many do think they wil react a specific way and then find out they were fooling themselves.

I find it hard to watch the beheading videos. But the first reason you think that I find them hard to watch is not likely to be even close.

And another WWII medal of honor reciepient was severly wounded. His group was shorthanded so he refused an escort back to the beachead. He insisted they leave him propped against a tree and come back later to get him if they could. Just asked for a pistol
When they eventually made it back he was dead and so were 6 Japenese.
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Originally Posted by fatrat
What looks extreme in your eyes is necessary sometimes in battle.
Very true, very true. In war times, you gotta do what you gotta do, period.
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The way I heard it on the news is: he saw a dismembered body being dragged around, and he freaked out.

And he's the abnormal one.
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Isn't it grand? Military law isn't the same as civilian law. Things are a little different. Although no Australian military member has ever been executed under Australian military law, the option is still there and is the only current option for execution anywhere in our laws.

I really and truly feel that cowards, deserters, 'conscientous abstainers' and any other such person should be shot. When you join the military, you give up your life. If you get it back at the end of service, so be it. If you don't... well, you don't. Such if life, or lack thereof.
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