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Originally Posted by PopeKevinI
I was half-joking, and you should know by now (as I've said several times) that when I involve myself in such discussions that I don't mean it.

However, I was serious about the custom/practice of swarming a disaster cite in mourning and/or protest. I've seen countless images of bombed-out buildings covered in Arab Muslims shouting, chanting, and wailing in grief. As I said, it seems silly (and dangerous) to me, but it's not my place to judge this practice. When I thought about nuking Mecca, I thought about this, and figured since we were being dumb anyway we might as well really be dumb.

You take me way too seriously sometimes

Watch how funny it isn't: humor me for a minute and pretend this is a SamFarber thread; all the Usual Dipshits have crawled out of the woodwork to toast the idea of dropping a hydrogen bomb on Tel Aviv. Ready? Okay.

You chime in:

"Given the Jewish custom of immediately swarming over any disaster site to look for survivors, loot, and shout whatever it is they're shouting if they're mad about something, nuking Israel would probably have the added benefit of sterilizing millions who came rushing to the countrty to yell and scream in protest."

Laughing yet? Me neither.

Try New York, Moscow, Salt Lake City, Hong Kong, Atlanta, and Mexico City....still not funny.

This is sorta like how shebe was a dumbass for joking that a black coworker couldn't read. That's not a joke, it's an insult.

Tell you what though...since people mourning at a disaster site tickles your funny bone, I'll send you some great videos of crying firefighters and memorial services from 9/11. It'll crack you up. Some people lost children and can't even find the bodies! Half the people they pulled from the rubble were already dead! Comedy gold!
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