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Originally Posted by KorrMuraan View Post
My mom only ever played Tetris... twice

lol, my mom played Tetris and that weird mario game for the original gameboy... i also remember taking turns with her playing Aladdin on the Genesis trying to get past the damn Lava level.
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This is funny, my mom and dad used to sit in bed when the first game boy came out and play each other in Tetris. They had the cable that linked the game together.
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My mom really enjoys playing Rock Band...if she likes a lot of older tunes she might enjoy playing some of them.
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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My mother commandeered my ipod touch, and is now addicted to Aurora Feint. Go figure Somewhat tetris like, I'm sure your mom would like it
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Originally Posted by MisturVain View Post
Thread title was supposed to say, 'My mom likes to play games in bed'. ><

I like where this thread is going...

If she likes the iPod Touch and is like any other modern female who loves the mobile phone, why not combine the two and enjoy the iPhone. The touch has tons of games and other apps that she may eventually venture into. She'll likely always have her phone with her so if the iPhone is her device of choice then she can game at any random moment of boredom, not just bed. On top of that, she can gain some self satisfaction in knowing that her toy offers function right along side it's entertainment.

I feel dirty speaking so positively towards the iPhone, oh well, it is a neat device...
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Chicks dig popcap games. I bought a couple and distributed left and right... as long as no one needs to reinstall all is well!
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real contribution:

should get her popcap games

general mayhem:

this thread is chock full of mom material, sadly its untouchable.
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PSP has patapon and lumines.
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koala coalition ftw!!!
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Cloud 69
iPod touch or a DS/DSi. If you go with the DS she would probably like the Professor Layton game(s?)
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Ive got something for your mom to play with...

....The DS! Seriously, i thought it was retarded too, then my girlfriend got one, now I have one too
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Suicide King
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Get her a wii with a copy of Cooking Mama. After about a month take it away from her and tell her to cook for real... or else.
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Edo's Avatar
DS or a Laptop.

PopCap games will keep her entertained as well as Yahoo/MSN Game services.
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Originally Posted by MisturVain View Post
I knew I forgot something.

Thread title was supposed to say, 'My mom likes to play games in bed'. ><

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If she's got a facebook acct like mine, she may well become addicted to bejeweled blitz and farkle
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theNoid's Avatar
Without a doubt, iPhone + games. The iPhones game library is big, cheap and right up her alley with the pick up and play aspect.

Plus people can call you on it, and you can gay out on facebook.
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