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Way to grindy. Once the initial enjoyment of open pvp and sieges wears off, I got bored of the combat. Those videos with the single attack animation that look boring... well people are right, they arent boring, because you gotta play the game to feel whats really going on there. But once that feeling is gone, it becomes pretty damn boring.

I put some time into it, at least to give it a chance. Joined a clan, did pvp etc. Dying and losing my stuff was never a biggie, I crafted some and could crank out another set of armor in a few minutes if I died and didnt have a stockpile of more armor.

The biggest problem I found was there are no short term gains... only long term. I'm not saying that I want to be instantly min/maxed on a bunch of stuff. But they didnt really add in any short term gains at all. EVE is a good example of how to do it right... within a week you can be at the frontlines doing something with a corp... while years later you can be at the same frontline, doing a different role. Either way, you have a specific role and task, making you viable right away. In darkfall... ya you are viable from day one, but viable in doing just one fucking attack over and over. Or maybe pick up some arrows... but thats it. Its just boring after you realize how little there is to do early on.

At first it did seem like there was tons to do... but that wore off and I realized that the tons to do was just me dealing with the clunky interface and constant grind from day one.

Maybe I'm just sick of MMOs though. I will say, that yes, the pvp is fun and I got into plenty of it. But its only the idea of the open FFA pvp that made it fun IMO... the combat itself is pretty shitty. I play lots of FPS games, and to a point you do use some of those twitch skills in Darkfall... but not really to the extent of an actual FPS, because you are only concerned with lining up a single attack most the time, and dodging their single attack. You get a knockback skill eventually, but it doesnt really define you into a certain combat role as far as abilities go. Even as shallow as some people like to say WoW is with pvp... at least I found that reacting to the rock, paper, sissors gameplay took more thinking and reaction than the simple swing and dodging in Darkfall. The idea of having no classes and no levels is cool, but for it to be fun with some sense of character development, you need some small short terms gains at least. Like I said with EVE... you will get alot of new ships during your first week of playing... yet there are still ships that you cant touch for over a year at least...

Here is hoping that Mortal Online pulls this off better. Alot of people playing Darkfall, seem to just "want" to believe its as good as they think it is. They like the nastalgic idea of open PVP like UO with full loot and all, with city building/sieges. Those things are fun... but it seems like people trick themself into liking the rest of the game, just because of that ruleset. Because, if you take away the rules of PVP/clans/looting in Darkfall, you would literally have one of the shittiest MMOs out there. I mean big pile of donkey shit, type shit.

Except the graphics, I personally found the graphics in game to be very good and enjoyable. The animations need some updating... but the rest is very unique, and immersive. You wont see what I mean from videos or screens, the lighting and layout is just really unique and well done. Technologically speaking, ya they arent great... but thats just because it lacks gunmetal greys smothered in baby oil and blinding bloom lighting. But just as I dont care about overdone, next-gen graphics... I care about gameplay more, and thats what I didnt like.
Ignore these four words.

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game rules, uo2
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So anyone playing this? The NA servers just released, its pretty sweeet.
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