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Inherited a PSP and I have a few questions

I got a PSP 2001 from my cousin that doesn't charge through the AC adapter. It does, however, charge through USB (albeit painfully slowly). Sony wants $90 to repair it since it's out of warranty. Do I have any other options? How easy is the repair if I did it DIY?

Also, what's a good PSP homebrewing/hacking FAQ site? I googled a bit and the sites I found act as if I should already know how to do everything and what everything meant.
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depends why it's not charging via the dc jack, if it's because the jack is broken then it's just 2-4 solder points to unsolder then resolder a new piece on. Should cost less than $5 to do yourself. If it's something else then you're fucked
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I :plane: M|22

you can find parts at for the psp.

as for modding, keep reading, there's a lot of decent info out there, I found my guide at pspmods iirc
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All I can find is this guy. Dealextreme doesn't seem to have the part for the PSP 2000 (what I have). I can't really find this part outside of eBay, and where I do find it on eBay, it looks a little shady (plus I don't have an eBay account).

Is there another site that has PSP repair parts?

Thanks for all the help so far.
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