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double unraped by IMNobody and d4rkspike

there's friend you get along with well, friends you see once and a while and friends you barely see at all

but what about the friends that your don't want to be associated with anymore? do you just cut off contact or do you let them know that they aren't welcome around you anymore?

I'm at the point where they might still refer to me as a friend but i don't want to be associated with them anymore, is there anything that i can do or is ignoring it the best thing
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I know plenty of people like this. It really depends on how closely you are related to them. Do they live next door? I live in a dorm at uni and it becomes quite difficult to dissociate with unsavory people. On the other hand, if they are an hour bus ride, its pretty easy. Just don't talk to them. I know a couple people from high school who go to my uni who i despise and its incredibly easy to not pick up the phone when they call and feign being busy.

On the other hand if you really don't like them, it takes some guts to call them on it. I recently called someone on it and it pretty much crushed them (I didn't see them for like a month when they live 4 doors down). I ended up snapping at their proposterous behavior and telling them off pretty harsh but they got the message. The important part is to give them a chance to redeem themselves after so you don't seem like a total fucking asshole!
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i have people that i used to be really good friends with that are waist-deep in drug problems, you can't really deny the friendship that you had in the past so I say hi and talk to them on aim once in a while, but i don't pick up their calls or hang out with them...

I don't particularly want to be associated with them anymore but I kinda think they get the point because we don't hang out ever and I don't call them
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