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The Duke of Vandals
I know I might sound a bit radical, but bear with me.

You're bored. Life has turned out just fine for you, something that can't be said for 99.9% of people, and you've come to take it for granted.

You need to go do something crazy. Something spontaneous, that you've always wanted to do. You have the means, now use them to make your life infinitely better.

I'd suggest taking your girl to Europe. Take leave from work, drop everything and just go. Go skiing in Switzerland and romance her in a quiet mountain chalet. Go to Paris and rekindle the crazy love you felt when you were first together. Drink in Britain, drink in Ireland, drink in Scotland. Experience the insanity that is Amsterdam. Feel the peaceful, everyday bliss of the Swedish or the stark beauty of Siberia.

You sound like you need a major life overhaul, and travel is the perfect solution to pull you out of the everyday rut you're in. Words cannot express how lucky you are to have someone great to share your life with, so go out, see the world and give her an experience she'll never forget. You owe it to her and to yourself.

edit: As mentioned previously, Religion wouldn't be a bad idea either. I know I'm opening myself to flaming from the huge Gen[M]ay atheist population, but sometimes a great relationship with your deity of choice can be the last missing piece in an otherwise fruitful life.
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Originally Posted by LOLMAN View Post
you probably should get kids, supposed to change everything

Kids aren't something you just go to the store and pickup and toss away. Thats a huge decision.

Maybe you feel you aren't being challenged enough and you're just idle in the same routine. Pick up a hobby, buy an instrument and learn to play, or maybe try to do something else that interests you (art? photography? music?).

Maybe what you need is a bit of a challenge to inspire you to complete challenges and you'll feel better about yourself and your situation.
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Yeah, you should feel pretty satisfied with your life before you get kids, not the other way around.
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Originally Posted by Zetherin View Post
A treatable honest-to-God medical condition?

What the hell does that even mean? I think we should stop using these little coverups as excuses for why we are unhappy.

You're a pill.

I'm going to stop using the term "influenza" because I find it to be an umbrella term by everyone I've ever known that's had a cold for a few days. Never mind that it has a unique, physically demonstratable effect. I'm not intellectually capable of recognizing that just because the label is diluted doesn't mean it has its uses.
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