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Date suggestions?

I'm 17, just got a new girl that I am actively with. However, I called her today and realized that even though we are going on a date on saturday, I have no idea where to take her.

I don't want to repeat the last date, which was dinner and a movie, so Im not really sure where to go.
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cook dinner at home, bribe parents to go watch a movie at the theater? your parents will probably like the excuse of having an actual date and you can cook
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Uncle Ruckus
Do something outdoors or at least something where you two can engage each other. Hell, basketball (play something fun, not competitive 1on1), frisbee, or anything active outdoors is great. Sitting on the couch watching movies only works for so long. Anything semi-original, fun, or cheap are safe bets.

edit: any cheap local concerts? get creative.

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do a morning date

go walk in a park, go to a zoo or walk along the river and take pictures with your camera, then go out to lunch somewhere.
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This definitely isn't possible for everyone, and surely isn't cheap, but skiing/snowboarding is a perfect date. It's fun, it's exercise, and there's plenty of time to talk on the chairlift.
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FM 2347
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Mall dates work pretty well for me. Shop for clothes, after that grab dinner and have desert at your place.
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Originally Posted by IAmTheEggman View Post
This definitely isn't possible for everyone, and surely isn't cheap, but skiing/snowboarding is a perfect date. It's fun, it's exercise, and there's plenty of time to talk on the chairlift.

oh my dog... oh long john... oh long johnson... oh don piano... why i eyes ya... all the live long day...

damnit, all logic does is make threads like this uninteresting, why'd you have to go and be logical?
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stolen from a friend!
bookstore, coffee and a walk through a park. lots of time to talk, lots of time to figure out if theres an emotional/ mental connection. but it depends on you a lot... you better have shit to say. (no pressure)
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Though not cheap, themepark day dates are always the best for me. I love doing rollercoasters, and trying to win stuffed animals for girls haha. If she's your gf, then spending money shouldn't be that big a deal.

Shit, I've taken girls to themeparks (Disneyland) on first dates Works wonders
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Cook her dinner. You'll be surprised at how simple a lot of girls are. Some of the best times I've ever had were just the two of us hanging out and cooking breakfast foods at night.

After dinner, see where it goes. There's the always good, and cliche, mini-golf. If you're feeling crafty, a place like Red-Hot Pottery would be awesome. You pick out plain clay things, and paint them. Fun!

Bowling, bike rides, hiking, natural attractions (on CA's central coast, there's millions of migrating Monarch butterflies, and it's the mating season for elephant seals).

Just choose something you like to do and you'll think she'll have fun with. Easy!
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