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The friend zone isn't absolute, but it's pretty damn close. It is a good guide for guys to keep in mind with women. The longer a guy takes to make any kind of move or show interest in a woman, the more of a headache it usually becomes.

people who argue the friendzone theory must not like probability. Take the most recent addition of a female # in your cell phone and the oldest one, and if you asked them both out right this moment, I can guarantee the recent one's answer would be less complex, weirded out, and possibly even excited. The oldest one would be like "uhhhhhh... i have to clean my refrigerator" because she'd be weirded out, or she'd give you some fake-nice response to not hurt your feelings.

Skip the headache, and learn how to be forward with women upon meeting them, they love flirting anyways.
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Originally Posted by diearzte2 View Post
I would prefer it lol. I don't need to be let down easy, cause frankly, I'm not a woman.

thats why I said some guys.
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Originally Posted by theNoid View Post
Normally I'd agree but there are few exceptions, and they are ...

1. Lose weight

These are the only things that will change a womans mind once you're friend zoned. A fat guy, or rather.. normal guy turned hot studly body dude that other girls want (key, OTHER girls want) is an instant attraction overnight. Now girls get to thinking, "Ooo I never knew he could look like that." Now all of a sudden those quirky friend, nice anticts are a bonus to your body.

truth. i've been losing a great deal of weight lately and this is happening to me. one of my friends who i always considered way out of my league basically told me that she would fuck me in front of everybody. i've never gotten that kind of attention before. if fat guys would realize how drastic the change is there would be a lot less overweight people.
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