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Originally Posted by JanstheMan View Post
I've heard not to bother with sleds and ankle weights, as while they make your legs stronger, they fuck up your knees and mess with your stride. Your stride is extremely important, that's where I fucked up in HS (pulled Hamstrings = doing high knees all the time lol).

And yeah you are right about snatch I guess, but I was doing them correctly the summer going into 9th grade so they can't be all that difficult to learn.

I like the explosion advice, you need to actively think about explosive running. Most people, including me most of the time, just kinda "coast". Instead, every single step, especially at your start, needs to pushing into the ground, every effort made to squeeze out that little bit extra. That little extra you gain every step adds up at the end of 40 yards.

you wouldn't be training with a sled the entire time. it'd probably be 1/3 sled work, 1/3 speed work, 1/3 form work.
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