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Cortex Command

This game is pretty damn sick if you've never seen it.

They have a free demo on there which is quite entertaining.

At first this game might just appear like a side-scrolling shooter with really diffucult to control characters. But the thing you gotta notice about this game is every pixel on screen is physically accurate, and reacts completely physically accurate to everything else.

You shoot a bullet into a wall, the wall destroys, with per pixel physical accuracy, pertaining to it's material. And the pixels that are displaced by the bullet hitting the wall don't just dissapear, they fall to the ground and pile up. Every pixel maintains it's own individual physical accuracy.

You shoot a robot with a bullet, and it shoots through it, destroying it realistically, depending on the part you shot, down to the single pixel.

You blow up a ship, and it will rip art and explode accurately down to the single pixel and depending on what part of the ship is hit.

They say the game is a continual work in progress, which is quite apparent as you'll find the controls are very difficult. But it's quite a technical feat as it stands right now. I found it to be extremely cool.
Old 12-21-2009, 11:34 PM studioeschaton is offline  
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Yup, it's still an awesome little time-waster.
Old 12-22-2009, 12:22 AM ?psalus is offline  
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