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teh scud
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iPhone gaming

post deals and good games here, yo

a few i've posted in other threads:
Star Defense

cheap but good tower defense game. takes place on small planetoids. wish towers could be upgraded farther than 3, though

music rythm games tap tap dance (more expensive but has some good artists like daft punk and basement jaxx) and tap tap revenge 3 (99 cents and has over 100 songs to download for free).


RPG by korean devs. seems like a pretty big game. has 3 classes with their own skill trees and equipment to find. has good/evil paths. pretty cool.

Enviro-Bear 2010

one of those 'awesome because it's so bad/weird' games. you control the bear's hand and the object of the game is to eat fish and berries -- you get those into your car by driving over water or greenery. driving is hard because you're only in control of one hand -- can't steer and push the gas down at the same time. sometimes other objects fall out of trees, like bees or badgers, which can make things difficult -- run into a big rock and smaller rocks can fall into your car.. which you can grab and put on your gas pedal so your hand is free to steer while you have gas.
few more i like:

it's scrabble. but the real draw is facebook integration. you can play with fb friends even if they dont have an iphone. you are notified when it's your turn and you can play at your convenience.

Twin Blades

got this today for 99c. nice art. sidescroller with melee/range atks. gameplay seems a little bland so far but i haven't gotten far into it yet.


not sure how much it costs because i got it first day free. it's iSketch/pictionary and it works quite well.


basically navigate obstacle courses in a jet car. good tilt steering. levels remind me of mirror's edge DLC.

Tomena Sanner

quirky konami rhythm game 99c. time your taps right to pass obstacles and jump over stuff. some of the animations are pretty funny.

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Surfacer is also a pretty addictive game I've been playing recently:

KAMIKAZE is also decent, although I haven't played it too much. both games are made by the same people (sorry can't find the website for this. search it on the app store

edit: they are both free
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theNoid's Avatar

Defender Chronicles

The Creeps


Critter Crunch



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Only game ive purchased for the iphone was doom, and my god its a great port. The controls are incredible.
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10 pin shuffle, baby
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I play The Settlers, Monopoly, Uno and Tiger Woods mostly.

I think I'll have to give a few of those others a whirl though.
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I know what it takes to be cool.
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This is one of my favorite games for the iPhone

Doodle Jump

And also Dungeon Hunter is fucking INCREDIBLE for a handheld. Full-fledged RPG with epics and leveling bosses etc etc etc.
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Is it really as good as you say? Basically a diablo 2 clone? if so, im fucking purchasing. that sounds fantastic
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Speaking of which, can you imagine how much blizz would make if d1 came to the iphone? Id buy it the instant it came out
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Homerun Battle 3D

I play this game constantly when I'm waiting around. It's basically a homerun derby game but you can upgrade equipment and play against people online.
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as someone said the DOOM port is amazing. as well as the Wolf 3d port

Also, Civ revolutions is great.
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lol..lots of free games from mexico....
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Woe's Avatar
Jailbroke mine and got a SNES emulator for it. Been playing the shit outta some FFVI lol
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jailbreak + hackulous = mexico
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