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Playstation 3 vs Slim?

So I got a new job and I'm moving down south off the coast here in the next 3 weeks
Anyways, my girlfriend has grown quite fond of watching blu-rays and convinced me to give her my playstation 3. I have a regular ps3, and I'm looking at buying a Slim. I was wondering if anyone else has a Slim, and what they think of it? I love the way it looks, but want to see what real people think of it. Thanks!

BTW: Does anyone know if the "Lighting" Ps3 for FFXIII is coming to the US? I read it probably isn't I'd much rather get that one
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My friend tells me his slim is quieter, faster, smaller, and better looking. I'd probably trade my backward compatibility for all those things (not to mention the bigger hard drive). Go with the slim, it'll be easier to find as well.
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I just bought my slim a few weeks back and I love it. Only downside i can think of is it's too quite. I accidentally left it on for a few days because it's so silent and the power on lights are hard to see unless you're eyes are above the ps3
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Cloud 69
Just FYI some things about the slim, no PS2 games, no Linux, no On/Off switch in the back, no Card Reader, only 2 USB ports, no SACD. Still plays PS3 games, Blu-ray, PSN. Adds Bitstream Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, Bravia link for Sony TV's
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can you swap the HDD in the slim?
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Originally Posted by liquidkristal View Post
can you swap the HDD in the slim?

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Originally Posted by Cloud 69 View Post
Bravia link for Sony TV's

It's just standard HDMI-CEC support. Works with any TV that supports HDMI-CEC, teste with Toshbia and Samsung. Works great.
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