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Ovrclckd V-2 Schneider
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Originally Posted by kristchan
bread pudding > instant pudding > * > blood pudding

Instant pudding?

Instant pudding is second rate at best. Buy the real pudding that you need to cook over the stove - it may take an extra 15 minutes to prepare, and you need to chill it properly for best results, but it's a dozen times better - in taste, consistency, and usefulness in preparing other desserts. Instant pudding is typically too thin. The heating of the regular cooked pudding allows the starches to puff up, swell and interlock all nicely together providing that smoothness found only in cooked pudding. Most starches don't begin to do that till near a simmer (same thing you'd experience when making a stew or gravy and thickening with a starch). Also, the way instant puddings are when the starches gelatinize, they often trap other starch particles inside these masses of gelatinized starch, making for lumps unless you use an electric mixer on a good setting - arm power won't cut it. Then again, you should avoid instant pudding at all costs anyways.
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Originally Posted by Ovrclckd V-2 Schneider
You obviously don't share my endearment to flared floodpants and the rest of the fine uniform of the Victorian era British sailor.

Pirates don't even come in uniform appearences, they just gather whatever clothing, jewelry and rags they can and try to make something from it. If fact, I'd say they are rather ragtag in appearence - their outfits amateurish and uncouth. A pegleg, a parrot and an eyepatch should not complete any outfit.
Think casual versus formal, I think its a shame that more people don't wear a suit and tie more often, but I think more people today identify with the pirate's dress. I just have a penchant for yelling avast, and only a pirate can truly pull that off.

I also crave pudding now, something homemade with heavy cream
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Jewish [M]other of [M]ayhem
Originally Posted by Ovrclckd V-2 Schneider
Instant pudding?

Instant pudding is second rate at best. Buy the real pudding that you need to cook over the stove
not sure that would work in cookies. I never eat just plain pudding. I only use it in cakes and such.
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this thread was moved here
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