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Finally posting again. It's been what, months pandora? "This idea is quite reasonable. I also want to know this problem. Whether a meticulous again?
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Contrary to my previous title I never fucked Inf's mother
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Just read a novel by Walter Jon Williams

This is Not a Game

It's a VERY near future and is basically about us. not teh [M] in particular but the online world gaming and how the two get intertwined.
There is nothing to worry about. Legions of wise people with nothing but all of best interests at heart are ensuring our future of love and infinite bliss. Go watch TV :Bflaps
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Guess Who?
"The Stranger", Albert Camus
"The Brothers Karamazov", Fyodor Dostoevsky
"Notes From Underground", Fyodor Dostoevsky
"Anna Karenina", Leo Tolstoy
"Ulysses", James Joyce
"A Clockwork Orange", Anthony Burgess
"Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man", Marquis de Sade
"The Sun Also Rises", Ernest Hemingway
"American Psycho", Bret Easton Ellis
"Less Than Zero", Bret Easton Ellis
"The God Delusion", Richard Dawkins
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Hank Pereg
Guys, stay away from Nietzsche
Seriously, when I read his books I become a hateful jerk. Just as when I watch Von Trier's movies.
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Hank Pereg
Originally Posted by deepblue View Post
Biohazard by Ken Alibek : Supposedly written by the head scientist of Russia's biological weapons program during the 80s. I don't believe him though; I'm a scientist.

That's a good one, and it looks pretty legit to me. I'm not a scientist though so probably you're right
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Roadside Picnic
The posts submitted here are fictitious and only a fool would believe any to be true.
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[M] shit-stain, w/ diplomatic immunity
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too many pseudo-intellectual libertarian or classical-liberal res in this thread,

how's that crisis of capitalism and ahistoricism (vis-a-vis mercantilism and colonial-imperialism) working out for you guys?
old sku gen[m]ay
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