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Mommy's lil' fucktoy
Who needs a girlfriend when Mommy is around.
club chalupas are the shit
escalade pimpin
49fbab1e4d177476f33dfa86a3939300 [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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Originally Posted by Pinkys Avenger
apparently taco bell is the safest fast food restraunt to eat at because they dont actually cook anything on premises. they just warm it up. so theres no room for undercooked anything.

truth and were one of the only ones that follows strict cleaning regulations and procedures. although a bitch, it makes stupid tasks take longer = more wasted time im not doing real work!
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ATM Banana
god I'm so hungry
I've got chocolates in my room, wanna come to my room?
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Pinkys Avenger
my title sucks i need a new one.
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Originally Posted by Krazed1
im getting one this summer. i get 2400 from the camp i teach at.

but i have to choose between a 2400 lappy or a 1800 lappy and a suit of stormtrooper armor.

life is so full of difficult choices
Removing Overt Anger Desensitization, and Hatred by Exercising Appropriate Discourse
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DHermit's Avatar
Originally Posted by innerselfver2

i work there

let me review taco bell stuff.

edit: they put it in the box upside town (hole side up)
edit2: dont make fun of me, its hard to find a summer job where i live

no, I turned it over because it was easier to eat.
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Originally Posted by waffle man
actually, it's quite possible depending on what the rats got into, so please stfu. =D

You fucking make me sick. I hate motherfuckers like you..."Oooh the meat isn't from a cow that lived in Hawaii and died of natural causes. STFUforever
lol i have sigs turned off
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god of welders and keeper of the magical torch
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looks like a pita taco
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Ignore this post
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I had one for lunch today, actually. It was pretty damn tasty considering it's from taco bell.
You see the glass as half empty. I see it as the perfect level for blowing milk bubbles!
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Trillian's Avatar
wtf they don't have that here

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the marshmallow man
my taco bell cant make stuff as well as other ones. i usually stick to soft tacos and grilled stuft burritos. they have enough of the desired laxative effect expected from taco bell, fancy stuff goes over the top and results in multiple toilet trips and excessive TP usage.
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im not a big fan of tbell, but i actually liked it
Old 08-06-2005, 01:17 AM AssMasterFlash is offline  
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speaking of taco bell isn't mountain dew baja blast fucking awesome?
Old 08-06-2005, 01:24 AM Trentieth is offline  
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Originally Posted by Trentieth
speaking of taco bell isn't mountain dew baja blast fucking awesome?

No. It tastes like listerine plus mountain dew.

The Crunchwrap Supreme is nice, but it still has the ground beef in it, which eating too many Soft Taco Supremes turned me off of, so I quickly tired of it.
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Scrivener never gets any love :(
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Those wrap thingies are really damn good - and they fill you up.
"Smiling is my favorite!"
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I have the biggest nose on GenMay.
i like the 7 layer burrito for that price, cause it has yummy guacamole
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