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Originally Posted by OlderBoy View Post
it's only gay if the coils touch

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btw i think RiP uses kanthal which i *think* is insulated by an oxidized layer or some shit like that so the resistance passes thru like it should. i know some people that use stainless steal and they test their shit with a multimeter so they know how long they can pass power before it shorts. too much fuckin around for me tho.
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mad rats fuck
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the whole forum should get lisa avs
[QUOTE=Kahnza;25315236]I like moderately hairy vaginas. MODERATELY[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=SamFarber;25314465]LOL! Good find. Very obscure.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=Kahnza;25332625] I'm starting to implement some of the alpha body language. [/QUOTE]
I am an intellectual who is destined for greatness. I would never perform a low-class service job.
*lights joint*
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