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A Jackal, Jackal? Its a Jackal. It looks like a Jackal. Jackal. Jackal?
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Isn't Whoopie a lesbian or something?
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arthur pendragon
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Originally Posted by Wookey
Isn't Whoopie a lesbian or something?

I fail to see how that matters. What matters is that she offended the consumers of Slim Fast and Slim Fast reacted accordingly. This is not censorship or racism, it is pure market driven economics’. Slim Fast is selling a product; if their spokesperson offends their customers they cannot sell that product. They have two options, hope foolishly that the offended customers will purchase their product despite being offended by the companies spokesperson or remove the offensive spokesperson and replace that person with one which will not offend their customers. The harsh reality is unavoidable, offended customers stop purchasing products that offend them.

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Originally Posted by Wren5
This is not the kind of censorship you need to worry about. We've had laws and done things to discourage people from this kind of defamation for centuries.
censorship? censorship is when you prevent people from hearing what is said. this is a private company deciding that the poor taste and general idiocy of their spokesperson is enough to stop paying her.
Old 07-17-2004, 11:53 PM chriszuma is offline  
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Originally Posted by the article
Diversity promoter Asa Khalif, who has made headlines for accusing celebrities of insensitivity, cried foul in the Goldberg firing. "I smell racism from beginning to end," said Khalif, head of Racial Unity USA in Pennsylvania. "SlimFast must realize that black women have every right to voice their views."
my god, people like that piss me off. If a white chick said it, the results would have been the same. These dipshits try to get sympathy just because they're black? In fact, something like this did happen to a white chick. Specifically, the dixie chicks. To call this racism is as retarded as her bush jokes probably were.
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Originally Posted by möbiustrip
Oh yeah, and somebody club the Racial Unity USA spokesperson for even trying to play the race card.

But that is his job.
"A government of reason is better than one of force." --Thomas Jefferson

Michael Badnarik for President
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Originally Posted by jubjub
poor choice of words.

perhaps " AVALANCHE " or "TIDAL WAVE" would be more appropriate ?
perhaps "check the fucking polls"
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