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Xtreme Panda
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Damn krillbee has evolved into a pimp.
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she's immature if you can't even see your self having a conversation with the chick how are you going to be able to put on any charm (assuming it's possible in the first place). Going out with friends and further more family (little or big sister *cough*cough* ) you really won't accomplish much of anything unless you are fucking amazing and have them all laughing and actually believing that you are ANY sort of a catch at all.

Edit the last part is possible, but the chances are slim if this happens in between practicing for your failing counter strike team or leaving up your WoW account.

Like the other people said GO OUT SIDE!

FYI "fling" doesn't include caring .... about any other parties other than as far as it gets you around the bases.

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Originally Posted by krillbee View Post
Well folks, tonight I hit a home run I kissed the 19 year old, and I went out clubbing afterwards and had some major success.

So we hungout again. At first she was playing coy when i was texting her, and when i asked her what she was doing tonight said she might be going out. I said "me too, maybe we could work something", and she invited me along. I had supper with her friends (guys and girls) and its pretty funny because they are all really open minded and make sick jokes all the time. We had fun.

Anyway, we go back to her place to play some Rock Band on ps2, and then later on her friends leave and we are chatting for awhile. We are sitting on the couch, and we she laughed because a new years kiss poster was still up on her wall, and i asked if she wanted a good night kiss, and she laughed and said "i dont care, sure" but turned her head right towards me and we madeout for a bit. Then we said goodnight, I took off and hit up the club. (she had to go to bed at 11 cuz she had work at 6am the next day, and also i wanted to leave cuz a hot chick friend wanted to meet up with me at the club)

So at the club there was a pajama party and the place was packed. I danced with a variety of hot chicks there including my female friend that came. I got shot down a ton but I kept on asking, and ended up dancing with about 4-5 hot girls way out of my league but it didnt matter. I got so hard it was funny... to keep others from noticing, when i was done dancing with a girl I sorta crouched and danced low or faced a corner for awhile and then faced the crowd again after the hormones had subsided.

The best part was I handled rejection very well, didnt get pissed off, and was social with everyone and having fun the whole night. I think I got along with every dude in the place, and even most of the chicks that rejected me, I still joked around with them and we had a good time. Also several women were a little standoffish to me at first but I was able to convince them to dance with me anyway through my positive persitance and humor. With one of those girls, we both had a blast dancing.

All in all, a great success tonight.

You take offense to being rejected?

Sounds a bit immature to me but glad you had fun. That's all that matters
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