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Getting back into the game

Well, I was never really in the game to begin with. I just ended things with my girlfriend of 4 years and she was my first for just about everything without being married or having kids. So, I've never really had to learn how to pick up girls or anything. Now I'm stuck at nearly 24 and looking to TRY and find somebody new to occupy my bed and/or heartstrings. My friends IRL say they'll help me out, but I don't really want to intrude on them, since they're already in healthy relationships, and hook-ups don't ever work out.

So really, I'm just looking for advice on how to meet some worthwhile women around my age. Hopefully I'll be moving back out of my parents house by May, so that'll definitely help out. lol
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Not sure how much this is going to help but in the past two or so years i've been doing it all the time and now i just love doing it but every time you go out anywhere and you are standing next to a girl (like at the grocery store looking at shit on the shelf) or in line at a starbux or whatever, just flirt with her a little. Get the girl to crack a smile knowing in the end you arn't expecting anything but knowing when you walk away you put a smile on someones face for the day. Hell, if she is really THAT good looking then shoot for the #. Getting back into it from 4 years starts with baby steps.
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You're on the right track already, so thats good. The best thing to do is just get yourself out there!

As far as meeting women, dating, hooking up, etc.. If you really want to succeed my best advice would be do the following.

1. Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself. "What makes me different then every other guy walking around out there?"
2. Take a long hard look at your personality and ask yourself, "What makes me different then every other guy walking around out there?"
3. Boost confidence by...
a. Buying new clothes.
b. Hair cut
c. Gym (if you don't go already)

4. Wear your confidence, it will attract more women than anything else.
5. Start asking girls out. Women love an honest guy who doesn't beat around the bush. Don't be afraid to flat out ask women out on a 'date' the first time you meet them. If they decline, cool .. you saved everyone some time.
6. Posture, stand tall.
7. Always be smiling, everyone loves talking and getting to know happy people.
8. Jokes and jokes. Some women can be won over if you can just keep them laughing.

Most importantly ...

9. DO NOT BE CLINGY. This means, do not call the girl every other day, certainly not more then once a day. This includes, texts .. IM... emails and phone calls. You need to always have that seperation to allow a female to miss you. Actions speak louder than words, and sometimes if you back off just a bit you can really see how a woman feels about you. Nothing wrong with waiting for her to call you sometimes.
10. If/when you ever so much as have to think if 'she' is interested. 90% of the time she isn't. See #9 for ways to verify this. Always save face/time and walk away from hopeless situations.

Best of luck dude! Welcome to the game.

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Thats all good advice that should be followed.

I would add the standard, do not get caught up in one girl. Meet many. You will have highs and lows.

When you talk to a girl and look in her eyes the right way, you will see her body language change and everything about her will be more drawn to you. So any girl you see, waitress..whatever...look in her eyes, they will smile almost every time. Do this a lot, it will become second nature and will help you out when you approach women.
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