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cpt Jean Luc Pickard
Once more please, optimal sets * reps for muscle growth

What is it, different sources say 4*8-12 is good, others - 4*6. I used to do 4*7-8 but then I increased the wights and did 4*6 and nothing good came out of it, I couldn't increase my rep count on the last set.
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fapling's Avatar
this is highly dependent on where you are in your lifting career.

3x5 can be a good starting point, as per the Rippetoe program.

Rippetoe faq:

someone posted a Rippetoe wiki as well that was useful, you could google that.

EDIT: i'm a tard, rippetoe is 3x5, madcow was 5x5, shows how much i know...
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I do 3x5 for everything. I think I will be using it for quite a while. In the end, rep schemes really make no difference. Show me a guy whos increased the weight he used by 100 lbs on the bench press, whether he did 5 reps or 12, I guarantee his chest is bigger. Anything more than 12 is *probably* not optimal, same with anything under 4 (although either might work for some people). Rep scheme is part of that 5% category. 95% of the battle is the big things, but most people focus on the small stuff that only has 5% of an effect on your results.
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I vary.

I'll do heavy work on bench press, working up to a 3 rep heavy set. Then I'll do 3x12 on incline dumbells, or 4x8 on shoulder press.

Hit all the ranges.
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supposedly optimal rep range for hypertrophy is 6-12
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sir tex
sir tex's Avatar
i do 5x5 for most of my excercises, except legs, abs, some back, some shoulders.
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Perry County
I vary often. I usually do x10-x8-x6-x4, with increasing weight. I also can't finish the last set on my own, often the x6 set I can't finish myself, either. I like to kill myself when I'm trying to build up.
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Originally Posted by vinnie

Stolen from exrx. Optimal hypertrophy tend to happen somewhere around strength and power training. Observe the intensity as well.

I am doing 3 sets of 6 moderate pace reps at the moment for most exercises, not including warm up sets and 4RM tests on each splits main lift. Works well- I dare say a lot better than some about it being '5% of the reps' mattering and doing sets of 12.

A lot of people are afraid to do low rep high intensity sets. They feel very different to high rep low intensity sets and that worries some people. Do you want to be big or worried? I suggest that as the table indicates, low rep, high intensity.
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I'm going to go ahead and agree with Vinnie on this one. If you want optimal muscle growth you need to be lifting heavy and doing less reps. You need to give your body a reason to want to grow and get big. Lift heavy, eat big, get big.

'Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!'
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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Muscles are made up of three individual fibre types, White Fast Twitch, Red Fast Twitch, and Red Slow Twitch. Muscle fibres respond to particular types of training methods, although the entire muscle contracts or not at all. As a general indication, endurance training is best suited by 20-25 reps, stamina and conditioning through 12-15 and strength/hypertrophy from 4-6.
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Edgeraid's Avatar
Different for everyone. What works for one guy might work like shit for the next guy. But generally it's usually in the vicinity of the numbers Vendetta gave.
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i do 3*6, working pretty well for me.
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I usually do 3 sets, at 8-12 reps.
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Are all of your lifts stagnant or what? Just one kind? What's the problem you're having. You're obviously frustrated that your numbers aren't going up. Give us the exercise(s) and your goals for those respective lifts.
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