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Originally Posted by Vanquisher View Post
What do you guys think about giving her a call in a couple weeks, thanking her for the time that she gave me, wishing her good luck in finding what she wants, and telling her that I will try and do the same?

Let me clue you in to how girls work:

She doesn't want to talk to you anymore. She's over you. If you call her, she's just going to make you look like a moron. She's going to tell her friends and family how fucking creepy you are and how you won't leave her alone.

Forget her. Don't talk to her. Don't talk to her. Don't talk to her.

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If you're 18 you're probably about to start college. Theres going to be an infinite number of women there and you'll probably never think about this bitch again. Just move on.
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Originally Posted by Vanquisher View Post
I wont take the jewlery back, the money isnt that big a deal to me.

its not about the cash on hand. its about reclaiming whats yours (including your dignity). many people have shared the same exact experience that youre going through. it sucks and its painful, but youre making it worse than it has to be.

showing your devotion to the relationship after you break up is going to have the opposite-than-intended effect. its going to make you seem as though you have no other options than this girl, and nobody wants to be with someone who is desperate and pathetic.

you have an awesome opportunity here that youre not even recognizing. show up to school monday morning with a smile on your face and ready to flirt with every girl you see and youll look infinitely more attractive to every girl at school as well as your ex. im not kidding. if you want her back, that would be the absolute only way shed ever come back.
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Originally Posted by internots View Post
its going to make you seem as though you have no other options than this girl, and nobody wants to be with someone who is desperate and pathetic.

nobody wants in to a club everyone can get in to.
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Happy birthday, fag. <3
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this experience will make you grow into a better and more attractive person in future.

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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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Do not ask for the jewelry back, you don't ask for a birthday gift back. That's why you never also give an engagement ring for birthday/christmas
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You need to move on. You're young, and in reality that was a relatively short relationship. I know it probably seems like you'll never find someone else, but you will, and you have to try.

Several people in this thread have already given you great advice based on personal experiences, and you still seem like you want to chase after this girl, but you can't. I'll add my own personal experience just to help support what everyone else is telling you.

I liked a girl for years too before we finally started dating. We were together for a year before we started having problems and she broke up with me. Right afterwards, I wanted to fix things and we ended up just hanging out every day and doing everything a couple would do, without the titles of boyfriend/girlfriend. It wasn't long before that too fell apart. We took a few months to ourselves and didn't really speak at all, and then at a friends wedding we caught up with one another and started dating again. Dated for another full year before she dumped me again out of nowhere, over the phone on her break from class, just a week or so before my birthday. A couple weeks after we broke up for the second time, she was dating a guy she goes to school with. That lasted about 5-6 weeks before she left him (rebound relationship ftl), and then guess who started talking to me again? Of course I entertained the idea of being with her again, I loved her and she was my only real major relationship, but I quickly realized that I was only a safety net for her. Someone that would always take her back, that she could be comfortable with right away without any real work, and someone she knew treated her like royalty. One night she tried to have a conversation with me online, and I simply told her we shouldn't talk to each other anymore, and I haven't heard from her since. And to be perfectly honest, it was the BEST decision I ever made. When you hold out for a shred of hope that she'll come back to you one day, you will make yourself miserable every single day that it doesn't happen. You have to move on, for your own sake.

During those couple of years, I made all of the typical mistakes. The couple times she broke up with me, I was the one going after her right away to fix things. I was the one going to her friends to talk about things, assuming that they cared (HUGE mistake). Let me tell you something right now, her friends will ALWAYS turn their back to you when she's involved, regardless of how much you think they love you. If it is in her best interest, they will tell her everything you have to say about it. And even though you probably think that's exactly what you want to happen, so she knows you care about her and everything, in reality it makes you look spineless. I embarrassed myself countless times to save a relationship that wasn't worth saving to begin with, and when I finally stepped up and put an end to things, I felt 100 times better than I ever had. It feels good to be the one closing the door for a change, you should try it.
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Dude, I've only read a few of your posts and you come across as needy, spineless, and insecure. You're in no way shape or form to be in a relationship nor to salvage this one. Work on yourself be happy alone and then find a girl.

Christ man no wonder she left you. I know this is harsh but I'm sincerely not trying to be a dick. You arent ready for a relationship of any sort.

edit: oh you're 18 I missed that. Disregard this but if you're the same way when you're 20 this post will apply.
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In a few years when this happens to you, you'll sit down alone with a bottle of whiskey one night, then go out with your friends the night after and find a new girl. You get used to it, and in the end, it usually works out
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SVT Lightning killa!!!1
Originally Posted by Vendetta View Post
I'll tell you EXACTLY what she's thinking. She likes the fact that she has a sure-thing with you, in that you are dedicated to her and that always feels nice.

However, she doesn't need time. She is sure. She's just avoiding the blunt approach. She has taken a look at her life and realized she is 17, and only had one boyfriend. She does not want to feel tied down and be totally committed at such a young age. And who would, really?

its funny cause thats how my wife acts/feels.....

i'm 23, she's 22 and we have a 2 year old kiddo. she's immature and not ready to settle down and have a good life(which gladly provide her with more than she's EVER had) would have been nice to know before she married me...
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Divorce her and end the agony perhaps? You DON'T have to be married to her and miserable forever.
PoonTang Mage
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FM 2347
I am offended by the world isajeep.
Don't contact her, don't talk to her friends, focus on yourself, stop focusing on her. You've been given golden advice in this thread and prepare to cease contact with her for 6 months at least. Yes it hurts but you need to fucking man up and quit thinking of getting her back. She broke up with you because you started acting like a pussy and you didn't even realize you were acting like a fucking pussy.
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