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Originally Posted by quiksilverx181 View Post
My leg ruitine involves running side to side in squatting motion (like at basketball practice), i do leg presses, barbell squats, lunges with a medicine ball, and suicides. I do all of this at high intensity to get kind of a cardio workout out of it. My legs are lean and strong. I can leg press 450 lbs. And usually, i do all of that + the 5 days a week that i play basketball 5v5 full court for 7-8 games a day (roughly 2 hours worth)

Just to let you know, leg press is not a good indicator of true leg strength. While you can put up that sort of weight on leg press, it doesn't really translate back to your squat all that well. I was putting up 500+ on leg press when I still did the exercise and was still struggling with 225lbs on squats. If you ask me, a 315 squat is way more impressive and a good indicator that your body and your legs know how to work together better.
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