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i'm uncut and when i was getting into Highschool I too was very worried that a girl going down on me would freek out.

Now days, most of the girls i'm with say they enjoy my uncut penis more than others because they can play with it much easier, no lube needed (for most things).

If your girl is innocent, there is a good chance she doesn't even know what a dick looks like up close. She'll go down on you, maybe go "hrm, thats what his looks like" and proceed.

Don't worry about it, don't tell her, just dive right in.
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Originally Posted by nobody34 View Post
i'll cut right into it.

anyway, yea dont worry about it unless your hygiene sucks
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I fap to goatse
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Originally Posted by nobody34 View Post
Haha yeah I shower twice a day&keep clean. You could say I have OCD about it.

Oh and she's an "innocent" kinda girl. I'm like her first boyfriend that she's gotten physical with.

I don't think she'll really care, but insecurities get the best of me.

Thanks for the quick help =)

then she won't know the difference, will she?
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Originally Posted by nom nom nom View Post
cheese beanie brigade

I'm not messy, I just cultivate my share of chaos.
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penis is a penis. just make sure it's clean. wash it often
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