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lopsided obliques

quick background: I've been working out for four years on a steady basis and do my deads, squats, and oly lifts.

That said I noticed that my right obliques are developed and my left non-existent. I'm wondering if anybody has ideas to tax the left side of my abs while preventing my right from compensating in a non-isolationist exercise.

I know about the isolation exercises I can do, and will probably be integrating some of them, but I'm hoping somebody might know of alternative methods. I'm mostly looking to see if there are heavier functional lifts that I can either imbalance or perform differently to target one side more.
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Deliberately imbalancing a heavy lift is asking for trouble. The body is not symmetrical, the muscles may just be different size and shape. My left bicep is visually larger and more peaked than my right and has an insertion tendon about 50% wider, even though I am right handed and the right is a fraction stronger.

Unless you are body building and symmetry is visually important, if the two sides are the same functionally and you not suffering any biomechanical problems, leave well enough alone.
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You have a valid point about body symmetry and composition, but to user your analogy it's more like having a 10" arm and a 14" arm. I assumed that the right side of my abdominals were probably compensating for the left. It's that assumed imbalance in work that I'm trying to rectify versus a body aesthetic.

regarding heavy lefts, I was trying to indicate a preference for weighted/resistance exercises over situps etc. Ideally I want to verify if there is a disparity in strength that needs to be fixed, and that's easier when you can say "I can lift 10lb on the left and 30 on the right" instead of counting side crunches.
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maybe try doing side bridges? i'm sure you could figure out a weigh to incorporate more weight into those (holding weight against the side of your body)

link to the exercise:
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How about some pictures so we can see if it's actually a problem or if it's just normal asymmetry?
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