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Just beat this game and the ending was a little disappointing. But overall the game was very fun and well done.
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Originally Posted by Stiler View Post
Drakensang is a decent RPG and it just came out a little while back, it's only 5 bucks on sale on Direct2drive right now. Definitely recommend it if you like nice party based rpg's.

drak is crazy involved. if you're not a min-maxer stay away.
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i suck at blocking in this game SO BAD
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Originally Posted by wigglesworth View Post
i suck at blocking in this game SO BAD

Gets much easier once you level up a melee weapon enough to get the charge attack. Once I got that, I would pretty much charge up from a little out of melee range, dodge backward, and repeat. Kinda cheeses the combat system, but that was hardly my favorite part of the game anyway (and shit, just about every enemy after Chapter 2 has a basic ability to break through block).
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