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Recommend a game? Civilization... builder?

Hi All-

Looking for a game recommendation. I often play RTS games, but I've come to a realization that when I play them as they are really supposed to be played, I really don't enjoy them that much.

When I play these games, I enjoy building the bases, cities, nations - I like to research all the tech, build all the buildings, get all the wonders, make the cities as large and successful as possible. I like to build elaborate defenses insofar as they just represent another way to improve the town, or whatever. I don't like the combat aspect much other than building up a huge technologically superior unstoppable army at the end of the game and easily wiping out the opponents. I get frustrated when I get attacked while trying to build libraries.

Take Civ 4, for example. I always set the map to the largest size and set the AI to the easiest setting - usually winning via Space Race after building up an awesome Civ with tons of huge towns that have every improvement.

So yeah, I guess I suck at RTS, but please don't hold it against me - I'm here to find out if anyone knows of good games out there that might be designed just for someone like me. Any suggestions?

Oh, there's a restriction - my computer is fairly old, so nothing too recent or system intensive, unfortunately.

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Not sure if they make it for PC, but Civilization Revolution is better suited toward your wants.
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Originally Posted by CrazyIke View Post
Not sure if they make it for PC, but Civilization Revolution is better suited toward your wants.

hey thanks - not available for pc, though, unfortunately
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I thought Zeus: Master of Olympus was a pretty good (and relatively unknown) city builder game. It's fairly old, so the graphics are dated, but it should run on any system. However, it's kind of hard to find a copy these days.
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The Zeus and Pharaoh games are great.
Also, you might enjoy trying settlers. Those games are designed to be for the city builders.
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I'm pretty sure Cities XL was released last week.
Have a look at that/ it's all about city building.
Keep in mind, I myself haven't played it.
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Empire at War:Total War is pretty good. You can choose many factions and go on world conquests. I have both played as England and taken out the American Colonies, making those rebellious bastards respect the power of England (Oh and I wiped out the Indians as well). I have also played as India and came to world power by enacting trade embargoes on anyone who doesn't ally with me...
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Originally Posted by G-Daddy View Post

Populous was the shit
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