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Crisis Core loading very slow, UMD is 'clicking' and making bad noises.

I've got a PSP3000 and I've recently started playing Crisis Core. When I first put it in it was pretty slow, but after that it was fine. I just tried to play it for a bit and the damn thing was loading so slow. I put in another game and it sounded much 'smoother' and loaded no problems. The UMD disc looks absolutely fine, but the cover is a little marked up--which really shouldn't matter. Is there anyway to clean these discs?
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Ha...UMD "cases"
The thing around the disks are glued together and don't come apart...i mean you Could get it apart but yeah..

Best bet Hold a cloth or whatever you clean the disk with on the opening and spin it or clean it bit by bit..

The used game stores around here check for Weak or broken "cases" and wont take them if they are
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Did you recently buy Crisis Core? Maybe take it back to where you bought it and trade it for a different one. Could just be a defective disc.
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