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story from my youth

when i was a young boy I was visiting my grandmother and she took me out for chinese food

when it came time to look at the dessert menu I said I wanted the baked apple. I don't know why, a baked apple just sounded appetizing at the time. The chinese waiter warned us that it was a "dietarian baked apple" and my grandmother said "oh you don't want that it's for people on a diet, pick something else"

I was a chubster at the time, still am. I probably should have had the diet dessert!

Ever since then whenever I see baked apple on a dessert menu that's what I order.
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boobie poo bear luv hugs
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Actually, apples are nothing but sugar anyway. And dried apples, or baked apples (where most of the water ha$ been dried -or cooked out of them -have a higher concentration of sugar (per zip).
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joe nathan
joe nathan doesn't ask for dick. joe nathan tells you the way it is, or else.
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is this your superhero origin story?
fuck, it's not my fault, he threw nacho cheese on me.
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closest thing to it
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My dick: more mass than the earth
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I misread the title as 'story from my mouth' and thought is was going to be about some gloryhole adventure
This signature is metal as fuck. Is yours?
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I'll tell one of those later
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Originally Posted by joe nathan View Post
is this your superhero origin story?

more like superZero
Think of it as Evolution In Action
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