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slappy mcgee
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Penguin Pizza - Boston, MA

Sunset Grill - Boston, MA
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seattle, wa

Thai Tom - University district. Delicious (best thai food I've had), cheap ($6-8) per plate. the place is really small, so don't try and bring more than 3 people here, probably. there may also be a wait. it is definitely worth it though.

Umi Sake House- Sushi - Its a rather snazzy place, located in the Belltown area. The prices are a bit more than usual, but the quality makes up for it. They also have about 60 sakes. happy hour from 4-6 is also worth noting.
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This needs a re-sticky...also, headed to DC tomorrow for a few days. what are some nice upscale restaurants there? only one DC suggestion here.

edit: preferably on the south side of the city as i'll be at the national harbor

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Gaffney, SC:

Broncos - Mexican Restaurant, super nice and super good
Hong Kong Express - Chinese Food in an old Gas Station, has the best reviews every year, makes the most income in the city for a food establishment, and its fucking delicious
Pete's - Just a normal american diner, but its freaking good

Spartanburg, SC:

Miyako Sushi Group: Super authentic japanese restaurant, amazing food, AMAZING sushi
Lime Leaf Cafe - Thai Restaurant, amazing food as well, great service here too
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Rochester, NY

Sinbad's - Awesome Greek/Lebanese food - Awesome meats. Recommend the pita platters.
Pellegrinos - Sub Shop - Awesome Buffalo Chicken Subs
Nick Tahou's Hots - Rochester original "Garbage Plate" *warning* must be in an altered state to fully enjoy.
Dinosaur BBQ - Pretty good BBQ for the northeast.
Tokyo - Awesome Japanese food. Excellent Sushi.

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more chicago:

san soo gab san - great korean bbq cooked at your table and served to you by surly old korean ladies who know you'll never complain about the service because the food is just so damn good.

hot doug's - ever since that no reservations episode the line has been like an hour every damn day, but that doesn't change the fact that you can get the most innovative sausage concepts here

kuma's corner - best burgers in town hands down. if you go, try to get there a little before it opens, because if you get there within 5 minutes of opening, you'll be waiting an hour.

i will also recommend blackie's, since i live right by it. epic burger nearby on state street (corner of state and harrison) is also good, and as far as chains go, they recently open a five guys, which is in my opinion the best burger chain out there, in and out can go fuck itself.

amarit - i am biased because i eat here a lot out of convenience, but i like this place in that it is inexpensive, and they will make you thai dishes that aren't on the menu if you just ask.

avec - also on that no reservations chicago episode, this place is kind of tapas, but really more like a small portion pan mediterranean food place...sort of. it also has a good beer selection. it's a little pricey, but it's worth it.

smoque - easily my favorite bbq in the city, and forms a convenient triangle with nearby hot doug's and kumas corner...smoque will also have the shortest line, so if both of the other lines are over an hour, head over to smoque and eat delicious applewood smoked meats within 20 minutes

coco's - my favorite soul food place, which is hilariously enough across the street from a the heart of downtown. :/ their deep fried lobster specialty is a little overpriced (and also sort of defeats the purpose of lobster imo), but everything is delicious and you come out stinking of deep fryer

most of these restaurants are on this list, compiled by local fat people and food types.

will add more as i remember to
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Originally Posted by isugoat View Post
This needs a re-sticky...also, headed to DC tomorrow for a few days. what are some nice upscale restaurants there? only one DC suggestion here.

edit: preferably on the south side of the city as i'll be at the national harbor

I don't know much about the South side of the city, but here are a few good spots to check out:

Washington, DC

Dukem - a good Ethiopian place if you're feeling adventurous.
Afterwords - a cool restaurant in a bookstore. Great food for the money.
C.F. Folks = lunch only, takeout / outdoor eating, but it's really freaking good
701 = a bit more expensive & formal

Ben's Chili Bowl is a must. You can't come to DC and not hit up this historic spot. The portions are actually human-sized, which is a nice change of pace for a burger/hotdog joint. You want a chili half-smoke. Also, if you're up for it, try a banana shake. It tastes like liquid banana laffy taffy.
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Anyone have recommendations for restaurants in the Seattle area, that are a little bit "nicer"?

Nothing like "jacket and tie required", but somewhere a good pair of jeans, button-down shirt and blazer would be appropriate. No preference really on the type of cuisine, but more interesting is always better. Closer to the Eastside is preferable as well, but I have a car so anywhere really works
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I posted some new shit in the Spokane thread if anyone is interested in that area.

jkoebel, I've got to Seattle a million times but I usually eat cheap. I'd suggest Redmill though if you dig burgers. And their onion rings are fucking tip top!
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Three cities...
Anchorage, AK - new
Orlando, FL - update
Miami, FL - update

Anchorage, AK
Some of the best sushi I've ever had. Amazing presentation, fresh, great atmosphere, extensive menu. I really miss going here since moving to central FL.

Taco King a.k.a Burrito King
Best Mexican in AK by far, and probably still my favorite even having been to Cali/Tejas. Good simple meals, and good prices (for Alaska).

Nino's Italian Eatery
Fairly new joint. Great food. Noone really comes close.

Orlando, FL
Anthony's NY Pizza
It's confusing because we have probably a dozen "Anthony's" around all claiming to be the best or the original. The real one (and they only have one location) is in the strip mall next to the Publix on the corner of Howell Branch and Semoran. Best pizza!

Authentic, amazing food, prices are what you'll pay at any good Japanese place.

Anyone? Help? Please!
Why is it so hard to find good Mexican w/ a billion hispanics everywhere? I seriously found better Mexican in Alaska... though the Anchorage Taco/Burrito King chain is pretty hard to beat honestly lol.

All-Around Awesome:
Cheesecake Factory (Winter Park Village)
It's nice to be able to get anything on the menu and know it'll be perfect. Good prices, excellent food, and the portions are HUGE.

Miami, FL
Hiro's Yakko-San
My favorite Japanese restaurant in Florida and the only place around, as far as I can tell, that you can get a plate of Takoyaki.
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For New York City, should I post in this main thread or add to the outdated new york city thread (2007) that's in the OP?
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Originally Posted by Rancidpunk666 View Post

Ken Stewarts Grille (downtown akron)
Lockkeepers (suburb of cleveland)
Lannings (akron)
Whiteys Booze and Burgers (richfield)
Clearview Grill (akron)
....hehe,can you give us the concrete address???
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Awesome work guys!!! simply amazing. Anyone have any tips to getting started with this sort of thing? stock photo sites, how you do things ect. I'd love to give this a shot next time so any info would be great

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Charleston, SC

AW Shucks - Sister-in-law highly recommended this place
Hyman's Seafood Co - This is where ALL the tourists go.
Magnolia's - Also was highly recommended to me.
Atlanticville - Going here this weekend. Was highly recommended to me.
Poe's Tavern - Great Edgar Allan Poe themed burger place.
The Bucaneer - Pirate themed, very good!
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new york city - malatesta trattoria small, inexpensive homemade italian food. amazing!
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