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Butthole Eliminator
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Jericho941/Baby Eagle

I don't know a whole lot about finding and buying guns, but I have shot a few of them. I tried out the Baby Eagle and it's definitely the one I'm most comfortable with. However, its there any true differences between the Israeli version an the US localized one, besides the dumb Baby Eagle name? I would like to get the Jericho version, because I was told that it has a frame mounted safety as opposed to slide mounted that's on the US version, that's just something that I'd very much prefer. Anybody here know how I can obtain it? Thank you for your time
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Check GunBroker?

You could also look for other CZ75-pattern pistols. There's lots of pistols out there with a similar look and feel.
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I have one and love the thing - the two versions are identical except name and the safety (actually, there's 3 - Jericho, Baby Eagle, and Uzi Pistol, but the UZI was only sold briefly) - IIRC, you CAN get a baby with the frame mounted safety but I could be wrong, and I know they're not made like that now.

Check gun broker for either, awesome pistol though.

Do not get it in .45 - they're known for feed issues with 45, but love .40 or 9mm.
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00 Buck
Just get a CZ 75. It's what the baby eagle inspires to be, minus the dumb name.
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I had this name since 1796.
charles daly is coming out with the jericho again... may be worth looking into:
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Originally Posted by 00 Buck View Post
Just get a CZ 75. It's what the baby eagle inspires to be, minus the dumb name.

IMO the baby eagle has a more solid feel to it than the 75.

but thats just my opinion
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Butthole Eliminator
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I think the baby eagle felt better than the cz-75, as well. I also seemed to be more accurate with it over the 75, too. It might be because that I left-eye dominant but shoot right-handed, I don't really know, but that's how it turns out to be.

Thanks a lot for your help, I tried gun broker, There were a few Jerichos for sale, but only the slide mounted versions were there, However, they were a lot more cheaper than the Baby Eagles by a couple hundred bucks.

I checked out that link to Charles Daly. Definitely anticipating it. If they're gonna distribute the frame mounted version, I'll definitely wait until then.

Again thanks for all your help
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