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Plastic piece on the XD magazines? (Pics of new gun also)

I got a new weapon, XD9 sub compact. It came with a 10 round and a 16 round with the plasic piece for grip. After searching the entire gun show and 2 gun stores, no one sells the magazine with the plastic piece that slips over to complete the grip. Does anyone know what they are called / where I can buy them online? Or where I can at least buy more magazines (16 rounds) that have the plastic piece included?

I ended up buying 1 extra 16 round to keep at the house for home defense, so I didn't care if it looked ugly, but for function and comfort I'd like to get the plastic.

10 Rounds Magazine:

16 Round Magazine:

16 Round Magazine without plastic piece:

edit: After searching online I found a local store that has them, well local as in they are in FL. Port Saint Lucie, but they ship. $11 for the extension piece but the magazines are out of stock so it's really the only option. I picked one sleeve up. The term is "extension sleeve". They only had 2 in stock. I decided to buy both and I'll purchase another magazine from a local store for $30.

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I found this:

That's interesting though, I've seen the lip ones before, just not that one.
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I use the Ajax ones on my Glock mags and been pleased with them.

You could try CDNN for mags. They are a bit high on shipping if that's all you are buying though.

Also try Brownells and MidwayUSA
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No clue. But congrats on the new baby girl. She looks just like my little helper only in a 9mm
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Menel is a good resource for you.

You need that shroud, I think without it you can risk slamming the mag to hard up in there and damaging something without hte shroud to help catch it. But I could be wrong.

You can get it, and lots of other XD parts from these guys:
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You could also order it direct from Springfield.
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