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New Headphones needed

I've got a pair of Sony MDR-EX71SL in ear phones that I love except for one minor detail- the left earbud has died. It's the second pair that I've owned and has had this issue, so I'm not too interested in going back, plus it seems that I can't get inside to try and fix the broken connection- It's in the acutal earbud.

However I'd like to find something similar (canalphone) that does not require an amp. This will be used 99% of the time with my H320. I like light, small and portable. The Sony's at least have silicone seals instead of foam rubber so they clean easliy. Next time it's with a warranty since I apparantly trash my headphones- even though I store them carefully in the case provided, and actully use them. It seems that Sony is producing a lot of consumer crap to this day. I'm open to other isolating headphones as well- not just in ear.

I am price sensitive so ET-4's are out. Way out ($300! that's more than I spent on my H320).

I'd like to stay lesser expensive over more expensive, and something that's durable as apparantly these Sony's can't handle any strain.

All I do is listen on the bus and the walk to work each day, so it's not like thise are being tugged at too much..

I'm not posting this on head-fi or other sitels that are similar as theya re into the high end stuff. Plus I know what I'm in for at Genmay
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Originally Posted by SnarkFish


excellent phones to use with the H320 (i know )
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I just got the Shure e2c's. They're pretty nice although the bass response isn't all that great. I hear the e3c's are a bit better for bass though.

These just replaced my MDR-EX71SL's as well. I had them for just over a year, and my right earbud died on me. Just decided to get something a bit more high end and hopefully these won't crap out on me for a while.
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Originally Posted by SnarkFish
I had the non-gay version of those (ER6) - and I sold them after a couple months - they just weren't comfortable due to my small ears
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I love my SHURE E3 and E2's.
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These are the best for under $100 IMO. Only thing is you have to import them. But it only takes a week or so.
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Originally Posted by SnarkFish

I have these, and they blow.

WAAAAAY too detailed... it takes away from the music. The sound is very flat and dull, and despite being the "LOLZ NEW AND IMPROVED 4 TEH IPOD BECAUSE IT HAS NO BASS" model, there is still no bass.

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