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Computer freezing in game. halp?

This is a fairly new issue for my computer. I'm not sure whats going on but it's hella annoying.

Basically whenever I fire up a game - WoW/Halo/HL2/Etc at random times, sometimes hours apart, sometimes seconds apart I will hard lock for 3-5 seconds where sound locks up, video freezes, etc. After that it will pass and I'm free to move about again. Needless to say this is quite annoying in WoW as I'll charge at a group of mobs and if I freeze I just keep running into the next set of mobs .

Some things I have noticed is that my 6800gt is idleing high, at about 73-75 cel. and on full load goes up to 83 Cel. Still within the limits, but I thought it was cooler before? My CPU sits at 60 Cel and that's pretty average for a stock CPU. The case has good airflow so I can't imagine heat... possibly PSU not being able to keep up anymore??? I'm also curious if it could be my Raptor drive taking a crap on me but I can't find a way other then scandisk to check it, and that comes back A-OK (no spare hard drives ATM to test). Any other suggestions? Thanks.

CPU: AMD 64 Athlon 3500 +
RAM: 1gig Corsair 2x 512 sticks
Mobo: Gigabyte K8nx-ultra 939
Sound card: Onboard + Audigy 2 (have moved sound card to different slots, FYI)
Video card: 6800GT
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83 celcius seems way too hot...
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