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socket A is because i can't afford the latest and greatest, but if i must spend money i wouldn't spend it on 754 (middle of the road) when for a few more dollars you can get top of the line 939. how much more common sense can you stuff into that shit? godamn, people are stupid.

plus with socket A you're getting the top of the line k7 mobos. with linux older mobos are never "on their way out". but even with *nix, 754 is a stupid decision to buy (at this moment). either way i may just go with a socket A to wait out the latest changes+shit.
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Socket and processor don't matter as much anymore when it comes to upgrading.

Often people just get a new mobo/proc. With prices as low as they are (relatively) its not as big a deal as it once was.

So 754 is still viable providing you get a decent processor with it.

Edit: And calling people stupid who are offering advice is pretty lame.

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it's still a big deal cause RAM is the largest bulge of the budget for me, but it is also the most volatile. if i already had those sticks of RAM then it's pretty much a no brainer... but the RAM pushes the budget.

being a cheapass i am, i've decided to simply replace my Abit BP6. it's still a good workhorse for my pops (internet+email, etc.). a BP6 still sets me back $50-80, jaysus, this is insane.
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