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Quick java file IO question.

I need some psuedocode as to how to swap a line of a file, with the last line of the file.

That'd be very helpful.

No, I'm not doing this for a class. I'm trying to patch an app I'm working with to behave differently, and I don't know Java well enough to do so.

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Use a FileReader to open the thing, and then use a StringTokenizer to get each line. Do the swap then write it back out with a FileWriter.
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Thanks dolmant.

A requirement of this project (due to memory) was that the file must be manipulated on-disk as much as possible, and not read into memory.

What I ended up doing wasn't quite what I was looking for, but is functionally identical: flag items that are "deleted" as being so, and then when something comes along looking to add to the file, it first looks at the "deleted" ones and will overwrite those preferentially to appending to the end of the file.

So, it works, and I didn't need to do quite as much work on it.
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So were lines in the file fixed width?
and maybe somebody's daughter
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