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Originally Posted by [H]ard|On View Post
Has to be something hard and hard stuff can't hurt you afaik

all the evil metals are soft, same for non metals.. right? lead, murcury, etc

Seems "safe enough"
yeah, i couldnt think of anything offhand, but china managed to poison milk. Thats comparatively hard to do.
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Actually i must admit im one of the people bourdain talks about. i get a hard on when i see nice knives in a case for sale. i want to continue buying chefs knives as collectibles actually but i only have one.
I use a Henckel 8 inch twin profection chefs knife at home and occasionally bring it to work with me.
it has a great think handle, is one piece, very thick up top and very very sharp, really good weight. the only downside is the blade seems to have a very wide curve, so when the tip is down and im slicing its almost like i have to lift my wrist higher than some others. besides that it is great and i dont really consider that a downside because it still works good.
it cost me 140 and in my opinion is worth every penny, but i work in a kitchen and often cook at home. im basically always cooking, cutting, etc. i dont like bringing this to work all the time though because others will use it real quick or ill be tempted to just grab it when i know not to use it for certain things because i want it to last as long as possible.

i'd like to get a cheaper henckel or possibly wustof for work and to beat up. fifty dollars for something ill use for 8 hours straight for months or even years means nothing to me. i personally like to have nice knives too so i'd like to not cheap out. we use Mundial brand 8 and 10 inch at work, and they are great for someone who just needs a knife, but they have a cheap feel. for 20 bucks a pop they probably should too.

so yeah, just wanted to post about my toy. any line cooks have any recomendations for a nice chefs knife fo r 30-50 dollars? possibly turn this into a post your knife collection thread? yeah!
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