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Anyone have there ebay account hacked?

Im waiting to talk with them now (30 minute wait for online chat) cause it appears mine has been compromised and shit being sold that's getting me in trouble. If you have, how did it pan out? Ebay a pain to deal with? I havent used my account in months and can't log in so I can't change my password.
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I never use e-bay anymore. Found another trading site at supaswap dot info
not as big but pretty good all the same

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My account got hacked once...I got a call from ebay and they removed the listings and made me change my password and email address. They called me out of the blue too, I don't check my account regularly. Thats all I know.

Just as a precaution I would change the password to the email your account is linked to.
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Have been using it off and on for about 10 years, never once had a problem.

Just so you don't look like a fool next time, it's "their" and not "there" in the thread title.
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you probably clicked a link in a bogus email and entered all your information, now they have it
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My account got hacked a few years back. They listed like hundreds of knockoff purses on my account and had about $1k in ebay listing fees. Ebay fixed it all up for me in about 15 minutes, told me to change my password etc. removed all the fees. I was surprised how easy it was.
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