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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Us skinny bastards have to constantly eat (every 2-3 hours). I remember as a teenager I would sit in my basement playing video games... I hardly remember eating other than the 3 meals per day.

I have 5-6 meals a day, I'm constantly snacking on good stuff just to keep my metabolism going at a normal rate. I eat stuff like eggs, oats, peanut butter, almonds, fresh fruit, broccoli (makes me fart all day haha), bread, rice, chicken, fish, etc... I pretty much eat anything that doesn't have much saturated fat or sodium.

If you guys have been thinking about gaining weight, DO IT. You wont look back once you see results, it's inevitable to gain size if you eat and train consistently. The internet is loaded with information about Clean bulking and weight lifting.


I have trouble eating constantly. And there's no way I can do any sort of clean bulk. If I put on weight, it's going to have to be dirty as hell.
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Originally Posted by theNoid View Post
Updated (last Saturday)

The better half, myself and a bun in the oven.

earlyman strikes!

nice pic, I thought you were a lot more cavemannish, dunno why rly.

Your ankles seem way out of proportion (thin) though thats prolly just perspective.
fuck IRL

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me and my master

me singing with my band

and here you can guess
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fun thread! I will post some soon
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By the way, I agree that both are not you!
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only the first url works on me. i can't access the others.
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u all look nice (all to girls)
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Wow... the hotness of men in the BC is absolutely terrifying... it's an abnormally large percentage as compared to the rest of the genmay population. At least we know some of these people definately get laid. Probably on a regular basis even.

I'll post when I get back to school and have my camera and/or scanner.

Also, I would like a pic of Raw Kuts. I need to see this guy.
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Crashed a nativity scene in Indianapolis, shitfaced.
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