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Night Black
Originally Posted by bigandy839 View Post
I assume you mean friend zone/ladder theory, but what does PUA stand for?

Pick Up Artist, if I recall correctly.
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Originally Posted by Night Black View Post
Pick Up Artist, if I recall correctly.

Correct. When asking for information regarding wholesome relationships, Pick Up Artist b/s is the furthest thing anyone should ever consider for "advice".

When trying to get laid, regardless of the consequences or the feelings of those involved, PUA is clearly the way to go. But, that's not what Bone Closet is about.
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Night Black
So yesterday afternoon, after a ceremony, I headed home and realizing I was passing by her work around the end of her shift, so I gave her a heads up and headed over, which led to a walk through the park and ending up with her crying and me holding her.

I guess it's a complicated mess, and I'm still trying to process it.

1. She's currently very close to being placed on probation in university. She hasn't coped well with the shift over, and her GPA is now around 2.00. She's been hiding it from her parents, but given that they've always pressured her to do academically well, she's afraid of disappointing them and earning the brunt of their anger, so much so that she panics when she doesn't do close to excellent. It's been stressing her out, really playing with her mind.

2. This was really hard for her to start talking about, and I told her she could stop if she wanted to, but she didn't want to.

When I first started working where I do now, my first night out in the field nearly a year ago, a bunch of us guys were sharing stories about sexual exploits and what not. One guy starts telling a story about how one of their friends who had just transferred out being increasingly messed up at a frat party, and this guy, for some reason, started going at it with a equally messed up girl who "wasn't really there," resulting in the both of them having sex in a very public manner. Of course, we thought he was lying. When he said that the girl, after all this happened, cried and left, I thought "Damn, I would hate to be that girl... if she actually exists." The exact same story came out of this girl. I couldn't believe it at all. I called up the exact same buddy who had told me the story and asked what the name of the girl was. The girl in that story and the girl who was breaking down were one and the same. That was how she lost her virginity. She then started speaking about how it evolved into a series of random hookups with this guy, so she had no attraction to when sober, but when drunk... she lost control. She hated herself, and started becoming self-destructive. Then when I came along, she was afraid that if she got close, I'd find out, I'd be repulsed and think of her as damaged goods, then break her heart.

So there it was. I couldn't say anything. I just held her and tried to be there for her. I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but I'm still trying to comprehend all she said. I'm posting what comes to mind right away. Goddamn..
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