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Rock Hard Weekend

I'm in a long distance relationship and it has been about 2 months since I've seen my girl. Wanted to make it just a fantastic week and following weekend. I have no problem with staying hard or anything like that and getting another erection after some more foreplay is no problem either. I just wanted to rock her world this weekend and saw a commercial for Rock Hard Weekend. I was hoping for maybe a review from someone who has actually tried it and maybe a breakdown of it's science and safety?
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How about making it fantastic weekend that doesn't focus on sex. You already said you don't really have any issues in that department so why mess with a good thing?
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dk again
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Having an erection for more than 4 hours will give you permanent damage. Just saying
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None of those products are evaluated by the FDA, so you're going to have a very difficult time finding any real science on their reliability etc. Most of the "natural male enhancement" products are complete frauds and I doubt this is much different, but there's really no way to tell for sure.
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As someone who was in a long distance relationship for 3 years before living close to each other, if you haven't seen each other in 2 months the sex will be good no matter what. You will probably have lots of sex. Enjoy what it is naturally.
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For starters, the effects were slow coming but eventually did, and I could feel it making my circulation increase. I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and I had a massive headache. It was actually bad enough at one point for me to consider taking an Advil (and I NEVER take meds), but I didn’t want any adverse effects so I just drank some water and tried to fall asleep, and the water felt like it helped.

By morning my headache was gone, or rather replaced with a different headache, so to speak. I took care of business and went about my day. It wasn’t long before I was hard all over again and ready to get off yet again. By noon, I had jerked off three times. By the end of the day, it was five times. I was literally drained!

I have since tried Rock Hard Weekend a few more times and each time it has also given me a massive headache and left me feeling groggy the next day. I was hard, sure, but I felt like horse crap.
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And for being all natural, here's a recall on it:
I lack boobs and have a penis
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my title sucks i need a new one.
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I'm in a similar position, and don't have any issues when I see my girl. She's (hopefully) been two months without sex either, so she'll probably enjoy it no matter what. Just be confident about it, and she'll enjoy herself.

These products are all bullshit anyway. Think about it. Nearly every male has some level of insecurity about their sexual performance. If any of these things actually worked, they wouldn't be relegated to gas station counters and late night paid programming. If someone invented a drug like this that actually worked and was safe, it'd be HUGE. Look at Viagra - it became one of the most popular prescription drugs in history and a social phenomenon.
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