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I know you love foreskin questions

I was just reading that thread about a guy who can't finish and people were talking about foreskin but this didn't seem appropriate to the discussion.

Even when I am fully erect, my foreskin doesn't retract. I pull it all the way back every day to shower, and lots of times when I get a girl to go down on me I'll pull it back if I'm sober enough to remember. When I have sex it usually works its way back, or when I grind a girl at a club or a frat or some such.

When I'm flaccid I'm the literal anteater stereotype man that thing looks so sad and droopy. Every time I rub one out I leave the skin up because it had no desire to come down (and if I do pull it down it usually works its way back up and folds in on itself). It's also easier because I don't need lube and such.


1.) I'm sure it's healthy, but is it ok that when I'm full hard my foreskin doesn't retract? Just something I've always wondered!

2.) Would it be to my benefit to whack off with it pulled back? It usually hurts to touch it, which sucks and makes me think that it has to SUCK to be cut.

3.) My friends have told me to pull it back and spend a day like that until the glands dry out then it won't hurt. Any particular reason or are they just wanting me to feel their pain?

Thanks for being a guy and still giving me advice on foreskin. Unless you're a girl.
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1) If you can fully retract it manually (i.e. the glans is not adherent to the foreskin) this is fine. Inability to fully retract the foreskin is referred to as phimosis, and it isn't unusual for adults to have partial phimosis (some adherence of the glans to the foreskin) - this is okay if they are functioning fine without difficulty or pain. Inability to retract the foreskin at all or development of phimosis in someone with once fully mobile foreskin is not normal and needs medical attention.

2) If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

3) Can't think of a great reason to do this, unless you are curious. From what I have heard, this wouldn't make for a great day. The mucous membrane of the glans post-circumcision can toughen up a bit through various means but that won't happen overnight.
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Nothing wrong with fapping like that. My guess for why it hurts you to touch it is because uncut people feel more sensitivity... a lot more I would assume. Whenever you cut skin you're basically cutting what gives you feeling/sensation there (the correct term escapes me).

I had tummy tuck surgery all around my waistline 2+ years ago, from day 1 to now it's still the same, I can pinch, scratch, or do anything in the general area of the cuts and I won't feel a thing.
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This is a great resource if you feel like you want to be able to fully retract your foreskin but don't want to (and you shouldn't) consider circumcision. (NSFW, some posts have pictures)

It's pretty low-budget but there are hundreds of pages of threads with guys asking every question you might have thought of.
The guys that run it reply regularly and always offer good advice.
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Hey thanks for the replies. Foreskin rules!
Old 09-18-2010, 11:51 AM powerade is offline  
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Originally Posted by powerade View Post
Foreskin rules!

I think you might be the only person on earth to ever say this.
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Hahaha you might be right.
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Originally Posted by powerade View Post
Hey thanks for the replies. Foreskin rules!
Mooninites unite!
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I used to not be able to pull back. I just kept masturbating and pulled it back all the way when I jizz. It actually heightened the pleasure sensation a lot to do that. Plus it didn't hurt at all when I pulled it all the way back during orgasm

Now I'm a fucking convertible.
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