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Social Misfit
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Looks like fun, demo is on it's way down the mexican pipeline.
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Forever Domon
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I just played a bit, controls are pretty solid, not console-ized at all really. It is dirt simple right now even on hard, but im only on the first mission and all the sniping shots are really close.

Not bad so far, and it sure is pretty, feels like the original Far Cry if you chose to sneak around and hide in the grass a lot.
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Kiddie Corral Material
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I played the demo. Wasn't bad.
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I make it rain on them hoes.
Seems like it would be fun for a few levels but not a entire game. Looks cool though will check out the demo
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Old 06-19-2010, 01:33 PM odd is offline  
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Just tried the demo, it's pretty good although the AI is twitchy like hell. It looks pretty though, looks like far cry is some instances.
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so only the demo is out?
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Mr. Susan
No PS3 version? Colour me uninterested.
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