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There was a hole here. It's gone now.
As far as I've seen briefly looking through the faq, you really can't go wrong when it goes to weapons. Each one you upgrade can become an ultima weapon.

It's just a matter of which one looks "right" to you. For instance on Lightning, I chose to upgrade the Gladius because it had an even balance of strength and magic. Some have more of the other stat than the other, and some have other bonuses. But Gladius had the most balanced overall stat gain, so I went with that. Even so, if you get something else that may fit your fancy, you can dismantle and not lose much item and gil wise. Also note that weapons can be upgraded to a new max 3 times, but they still retain the same basic premise. The Gladius becomes the Helter Skeleter (when I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slideeeeeeeee) which has a higher max lvl and thus more stats.

Most accessories can be upgraded to a new item like the hp and strength stat items, some of which you can find/buy. Some become new items ENTIRELY. I mainly just stuck with the +hp and +str things for my team (Lightning main, with Snow and Sazh).

In other news, I finally beat it last night.
I recommend the sugar pucks, they're excellent.
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Cheez-it II
You'll want to take weapons based on their passive abilities, mostly.

I used lionheart with the quick stagger passive. Any enemy near stagger will be instantly staggered. Saves a few hits, especially against enemies that have slow chain gauges.

Also certain items, when used in conjunction with other items, unlock hidden passive abilities. Lionheart + speed sash = Random: Instant Chain which gives any hit lightning does a chance to instantly fill an enemies chain gauge.

Although for the whole story I used gladius/helter-skelter, too. Wasn't til I started doing hunt missions afterwards that I used other weapons.
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For those Canadian 360 owners that haven't yet played this (like me), Dell ... ... has it for $40 at apparently $0 shipping.

Ordering now. Whee!
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The game is in the mail. I'll have it next week. I got it traded to me on
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