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PS2 bc coming back to PS3?

On the subject of downloadable PlayStation 2 games and more PSOne downloads, Dille was cagey, but optimistic. "We're working really hard on it," he said. "We're going through our own studio organization and trying to make sure all these old games are out there so that we can lead by example, but we're also communicating with all the third-parties about the success of the Final Fantasy games, and other PS1 and PS2 classics"

So does this mean ps3 will get back bc or will it be shitty and only work on downloadable games?
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Seems pretty obvious they took that out with the plans of re-releasing them on the online store. Why let you play off your old discs when they can charge you again for them?
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it sounds like they're talking about the god of war collection in regards to the ps2 thing
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BC was the sole reason why I purchased a PS3 v1. Always purchase a console when it has hardware based BC.
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I'd love BC for my ps2 games...

I still have a PS2 slim, so it takes up no space...not an issue for me.
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I'm so glad I bought my PS3 at the perfect time.
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I use my PS3 on a 61" screen so it's irrelevant to me because the picture quality is so poor. If I want to play a PS2 game I'll hook up my PS2 to another TV.
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